Baby Wrap for my Baby - Yaehhh

Salam & Hello Everybody,

Dgr2 kabar, bdk opis dpt gaji arini..Siap ade increment lg, aku dpt ke???..
Hmmm, persoalan yg pyh nk dijawab..hehe..
Tp yg pasti, psni nk g beli Baby wrap tuk baby..
Yeaaaa-hilang sume kedukaan..hehe
Thanks Baby. I love u.

Orait, back to our topic. 
Today nk citer cikit psl Baby Wrap/ carrier
Ni product dr USA. 

Cam kain bese jer. 
Function die, nk dukung baby jer. 
Indonesia pn, ade product dier..pkai kain batik jer..sonang jer.
Cume, nk bgtau sedikit sebanyak kebaikan baby wrap ni..

Ape benefit nya??;

1. Dukung pkai baby wrap ni, akan support leher & kepala baby, terutama skali time baby sleeping.
2. Kalo pkai baby wrap ni, fit at any body size. x pyh risau kalo bdn kite besar or kecik..hehe.
3. Easy to mom yg breastfeed. x yh shh2 g baby room kt shopping complex. kalo nk tuka nappy jer, baru g kan..
4. Easy to adjustable..
5. Suitable for new born and up to 18 month. Wow..hehe
6. Easy to used & durable. bleh masok washing machine.
7. Secure - No wrinkles, bulges of loose materials when baby wearing.
8. No time limit to how long your baby can stay in the wrap- there is no pressure point on baby & Mom.
9. Perfect to travelling.
10. comfortable
11. Pregnant baby in & out for nine month. Ni dgr mase ade talk kt National Library aritu. Dukung ni sgt bagus tuk baby and momi sbb die akan merapatkan lagi hubungan baby.
12. Baby yg didukung, akan cepat bercakap & belajar. hehe

Tu jer, point yg ade..kalo korang mampu, bleh beli baby carrier Ergo. 
Yg tu bagus jgk, cume agak mahal ckit..hehe

Please click below link for more info about baby wrap; - my friend jual baby carrier.


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