Which do u prefer; high salary or benefit & good working environment?

HEllo everybody..

Hope that, everbody in healthy and happiness..

Recently, I try very hard to find a new job..hehe..
So, i have learned & read a lots about new job at the Low yatt Forum. hahaha..
shttt, dont tell to anyone..hehe

Yess, everbody want to get high salary as me. High salary means that u have alot of responsibility & work. But than,I think about that, the time spending for family is more important. So, back to our topic, I prefer the job that offer more benefits and gut working environment rather that a lot of WORK.
I have heard, In JAPAN, we must work only in working hour and there is no OT.
Due to Japan research, the worker will more productive when their work only in working hour (ex. 9am to 5.30 pm) and having time with family..* Thats why, i 'm very punctual when going back to home..hahaha

Just want to share with everybody, the salary survey for fresh graduate for 2012.
enjoy it..hehehe


Bank Islam : RM2,250
Maybank : RM2470
Public Bank : RM2,800
RHB marketing exec RM2.5k.

Oils & Gas
Petronas : RM4,000
Shell : RM4,500

LHDN: accounting graduates: RM3,200 / other graduates: RM2,700
Russell Bedford – Audit Assistant – RM2000

PROTON : RM2,450
Perodua : RM2200

University of Nottingham as Lecturer = RM 6,500.00 for fresh grad PhD
Monash University as lecturer= RM 6,000.00 for fresh grad PhD
Taylor University as lecturer= RM 5,500.00 for fresh grad PhD
Kolej Tunku Jaafar as A Levels lecturer = RM2,800.00 for fresh grad BEng

Insurance / Takaful
Lonpac insurance comp : 2.8k

IT / SAP/ Consulting
Accenture SAP Graduate Trainee – RM2,300, after confirm 2,500
Accenture Analyst – 3.6k – 3.8 k (CGPA & University variant)
British Petroleum SAP Estar – 3.2
Maybank PMO – 2.6 k
iPerintis Customer Service – RM 2300

Sime darby – Specialist, Finance and Accounting – RM1900

Western Digital: RM2,650
Yokohama Industries Bhd. = RM 2,300 for BEng (Hons), RM2,500 for MEng (Hons)
LB Aluminum Bhd. = RM 2,200 for BEng (Hons), RM2,300 for MEng (Hons)
Ranhill WorleyParson = RM 2,600 for MEng (Hons), Unknown for BEng (Hons)
Top Glove QA officer RM2.8k for non-first class grad, RM3k for 1st class grad.
Giant Product exec RM2,300

Property/ Estate Management/ QS / Building
QS in construction company (confidential) : RM1600, upon confirmation get RM1800

Call Centre
VADS call centre 1.7k degree
HP call centre 2.3k transport alowance 350+ shift

Management Trainee
OCBC Bank – Management Trainee – RM2600
Bursa Malaysia M.A : 3,200.00
CIMB TCB : 3,000.00 (Bach), 3,500.00 (Masters)
RHB M.A : 3,000.00
RHB G.A : 2,500.00
UOB M.A : 3,500.00
UOB M.T : 2,800.00
BAT M.A : 3,500.00 (1st year), RM4,xxx.00 (2nd year), RM5,xx.00 (3rd year)
Proton : 2,600.00
Ambank G.T : 2,800.00
Public Bank M.T : 2,800.00
Kraft M.T : 3,500.00

That's all for tonight..hehe
Today is my father's birthday, Ahmad Radzuki B. Ahmad Sepeli.
Hope that ur're in gut healthy, happiness and get what you want. hehe.
Love my dad..hehe  


  1. just want to update TM fresh grad=RM3500. kehkehkeh

  2. Hi En Azman,

    Tu laa, lupe nk update..
    Best laa spe kje TM..
    Sy daa apply


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