Can't Wait to Celebrate Hari Raya..hehehe

Salam n Gut Evening..

Yeaaaa..can't wait to celebrate Hari Raya..

Holiday maaa..

Off to holiday about a week..

so, hepi n hepi..hehehe

Can u imagine that, i will stay at Village in a week!!!

..Just like travel to oversea..hehhehe

Ok, back to our topic....

what do u thing about Hari Raya?

1. Duit Raya?
2. Kueh Raya?
3. Lemang?
4. Baju Raya?

yess, kids always think about duit Raya..

But i'm very excited to give Duit Raya..hehe

This is my 1st time to give angpaw..

So, i'm not giving a lot of money, just give what i have.. heheh...

Come here kids, I will give Duit Raya..hehe

opss, too many causin..hiihihii

What about Baju Raya?

Yess, i have 1 baju Kurung in pink colour!!

wow, can't believe it because i don't like pink colour so much ..Hehe..

Never mine, it's sweet to change to be more ladies..hahahha




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