get moving to stay well..huhu

healthy habit to improve ur need to attend a gym regularly or other hard exercise but juz do simple habit to better health..

1. do the regularly habit @ exercise can prevent certain problem such as hearth attact, cardiovascular diseases n laen2. u can try pilates.. :)

2. stair at work/ class..take at least 15 min during launch..cntoh, kalo mmbe ajak launch, ckp nk jupe supervisor..padahal, tercungap2 maen kt tgge..hehe..but that is good habit..tak pn, g rumah sape2 yg byk tgge..

3. do 2 thing at once..cnthnyee, time shoping tu, ambik jer troly, then ambk brg byk2 tp still amek brg yg korang nak..lg byk brg lg baguh tuk ur health..pastu bile nk byr, korang tggl kan jer then terus byr brg yg korang nk jer..hahahahah..but plzz, dont try this at home..other, smbil menyelam minum air..

4. get off the bus or the train one stop early n work where ur work/class..this is good for my member..park at padang kawat..opss..but it is quick an easy way to get a short burst of masok class jer berangin ngan sume..hakhak

5. physical activity in ur leisure time..try swiminng, heavy gardening, dance class..huhuhuh


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