malas nk jog n luv to eat..haha..cane nk diet kan..jom try pilates..
pilates? baguh ke?..yg plg pnting, kene jage pernafasan during pilates..alaa2,yoga  laa katekan..hehe

what ?
Pilates is a wonderful method of toning and stretching the body. Pilates is safe for almost everyone because it doesn’t add any extra strain on the joints or muscles of the requires focused attention engaging the mind and body.
why pilates?
It dramatically and rapidly improves strength, flexibility, posture and overall alignment of the musculature and skeleton without increasing bulk and also weight problem.

exercise nih baguh tuk health problem;
 low back pain• poor posture
• neck pain
• shoulder and knee problems
• golfing and other sports injuries
• post-operative rehabilitation
• women’s health issues
• osteoporosis
• arthritic conditions

juz need a mat and comfortable place to start pilates. let's do it..

pilates moves?
pendek kata, mmg baguh laa..hehe..kt bwh ni, my collection pilates video. It's really worked.try to download at you tube (URL);


  1. ajar la pilates tu..ann nak blaja gak..mahu kurus..

  2. haa..nnt cema ajar by video..hehe..baek punye..haha

  3. eh sy suka pilates juga!!hehe

  4. haha.buat snyap2 kt bilik..heheheh


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